Edible Fruit Turkey

I LOVE this idea! The Fruit Gobbler is a great centerpiece or appetizer for the Thanksgiving Day festivities – it is although healthy! Your kids will want to enjoy this treat – cheese, fruit and all!

The turkey is easy to make and will keep the kids busy while you get ready for the big turkey day celebration.

Get all the ingredients ready, give the kids a picture and let them dig in and have fun creating! (Image Courtesy Family Fun Magazine)

Thanksgiving Appetizer Kids Can Make


  • Bosc Pear (head)
  • Melon (body)
  • Cheese (beak & tail feathers)
  • Red pepper (snood,feet,side feathers)
  • Raisins (eyes)
  • Grapes (tail feathers)
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Toothpicks


1. Cut off a shallow slice of the rind of the melon to create a flat base for more stability. Using a bamboo skewer attach a Bosc pear to the front of the melon to create the turkey head. (Trim skewer if needed)

2) Cut cheese into a triangle for the beak and add a small piece of red pepper for the snood. Use toothpicks to attach these as well as the raisins for the eyes.

3) Cut red pepper as shown to create feet and place them as shown.

4) Cut cheese into cubes and use cheese and grapes alternately on skewers as shown and then place into the melon to create tail feathers.

5) Slice peppers to create side feathers and use toothpicks to attach to the sides of the melon.

Be creative! You can use other things on the tail feathers like pineapple, ham cubes, turkey cubes or whatever your family enjoys.

Have you made one of these with your kids? We would love to hear how they liked it!

Recipe courtesy of Family Fun.


  1. Marcy says:

    This looks like a fun filled not too time consuming Thanksgiving activity. And it will be a wonderful centerpiece during dinner. I’m going to take this “gobbler” idea into consideration. Amazingly creative project!!!:)

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