Gift Ideas For Your Little Chef – From A Little Chef (Part 1)

With the holidays coming soon I wanted to help you mommy’s out there by giving you some ideas for what us cooking kids would love from Santa! (Hey Mom – hint hint, I hope you read this too! xoxo)

I like when my mom cooks with me – so I hope you are all cooking with your kids too. The time my mom spends with me is almost better than the gift itself (remember I said ALMOST!)  :-) Hey, I am still 10, I like presents.

So here are some cooking related gifts, I am sure your kids will love- well, if they love to cook that is. I would not buy these for kids who like sports. heehee.


The Curious Chef collection of child friendly kitchen cookware is awesome. They have undergone real world testing and all of their products look like adult cookware, but made for our little hands. This kit will have them making and decorating cupcakes like a pro.

Available for purchase at




A fun and useful gift set for your favorite chef. All pieces are made of wood and are just for little hands. Set includes 9 of today’s most common utensils including a whisk, rolling pin, meat pounder and more.

Available for purchase at Amazon




Yes, kids are messy in the kitchen – so an apron is a must! But they will just think it is super cool to dress up like a real chef while working in the kitchen. Even us older kids still like to wear a great apron!

Available for purchase at Amazon





This is a cookbook that I love. It is great for kids 4 and up and really has recipes that kids can REALLY make!

Available for purchase at Amazon




So here are a few ideas! I have more but mom said I could do a couple of posts because this one took a long time to write! If you have any great ideas for gifts for kids, please let me know and I will add that to my next gift post.  Rachel…

Easy Bake Oven Bake Off – Is the New Model A Must Have?

Easy Bake OvenWell, it looks like the Easy Bake oven is trying to make a come back , and after 48 years it has received its most dramatic redesign yet – although many were unsure skeptical that it would be any better. This was its 11th redesign and the new look featured a curvy Jetson like look with a heating element much like a real oven.

Here are some good and not so good points to the new oven.


  • It looks great
  • Better build. The newer model weighs approximately 3 pounds 5 ounces – its predecessor weighed only 2 pounds 9 ounces.
  • Exterior stays much cooler than the older models
  • Cooks much more evenly
  • Wider array of mixes and recipes are now available
  • Cooling rack is internally contained helping little ones to keep from burning their hands on hot pans
  • Heating chamber is about 50% larger


  • More expensive than past models
  • Takes a few minutes longer to preheat
  • Although new cooling rack may be safer – it is a little hard to reach and pull items out of the oven.

To prove that it has what it takes to make kids happy, a test was done with four “toyologists” ages 3-7 to give a test bake. The kids were given an older version of the Easy Bake Oven to be compared against the newer one. The results were in favor of the new modern version with the kids saying their cooked foods just tasted better.

So if you have a kid who loves to cook – this new model may be just the thing to kick of their budding career!

Color My Bath – Makes Bath/Pool Time Fun

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that you really need to see in person to appreciate! This one of our fave finds at the Toy Fair this year and I am pretty sure it will be on of yours too if you give it a try! Not really cooking related I know, but love it enough I thought it was worth sharing!

Can you guess what it does? You got it! It colors the water in your bath – or if you are an Outdoor Play Toy friend – your pool water can make amazing colors too! Have a child who hates bath time – we bet this will change their mind!

The color tablets can be combined to make multiple colors, are made in America, are completely safe and non-staining and best yet – eco-friendly! The fizzies will make them giggle and the color will make them laugh…..after all shouldn’t bath and pool time be fun?!?!

Check them out at Color My Bath.

Deal Of The Day – Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween Celebrations we bring Cake Sugar Designs Inc.!

Bring some fun to their Halloween party with these adorable custom cupcake toppers in great spooky yet fun designs. From cute black cats to scary skeletons, these frosting appliques will have them thinking you paid an expensive bakery to make them!

And right now at Mampedia, there is a great deal for HALF OFF! Buy $24 worth of Sweet and Spooky Designs for you Halloween Cupcakes for only $12! Deal is only good  through 9.26.11 so act fast!

Visit Mamapedia for more details on this great deal.

Pop Art Toast Makes Breakfast Fun

I love these toasters! Breakfast is my favorite meal anyway, but these fun toasters can make it even better.

Pop Art Toaster has really neat toasters that creates a  picture on toast. There is a stencil that has a picture on it and you place that on the toast and insert into the toaster. When the toast is done it comes out with the design on the stencil. There are several different styles of toasters to choose from and lots of fun designs and words for the stencils.

Mickey Mouse is one of their newer toaster products! This is a Limited Edition toaster that prints the face of Mickey Mouse on each piece of bread. I do not like Mickey Mouse much these days, but I know the little kids will love it! I am older now and have a great sense of humor so I would love to have the funny sayings on my toast like “ugh” – although I would never say it, I think it looks funny on toast. You can buy other stencils too like flowers, smilies and more.

Visit the Pop Art Toaster Store to see more of their great products that us kids love.


Mickey Moaster Toaster

Ever See A BluApple?

A BluApple you ask? Yes, it is a real thing! The BluApple is a wonderful invention that helps you to extend the life span of your produce!

If you are tired of wasting fruit because it goes bad before you get to eat it all, then this will help you. It is estimated that the average household wastes as much as $600 in wasted product each year. That is a lot of waste!

How Does It Work?
Naturally, fruits give off ethylene gas in its ripening process. Once concentrated in the refrigerator or any other storage area, the presence of that gas speeds up the ripening process even more. The BluApple provides absorption of that gas for up to three months and can be used in the refrigerator or any storage container.

The active ingredient does not “wear out” but continues to absorb the ethylene until it is full to capacity. A refill kit makes the BluApple a reusable item too.


Want to see it in action? It is the blue thing in the middle, the one that looks like an apple!  :-)

Cute isn’t it?

Visit BluApple to learn more and get your own!

Fun Giveaway For A Kids Chocopot!

I saw this adorable giveaway and just wanted to let our readers know about!

Named one of 2010’s coolest toys by CNBC, ChocoPot is a unique cooking experience combining an entertaining cooking DVD, a fun process and great tasting treats. The kid-friendly cooking appliance melts chocolate to create fondue or molded candy in a variety of shapes to share with friends and family.


  • Keeps an appropriate, kid-friendly temperature on the melting surface
  • Includes a bonus instructional “Fun with Chocolate” DVD
  • DVD features Mandy from the web show “imandycom”
  • Set includes 1 ChocoPot, 3 chocolate molds, 1 spoon, 1 mini spoon, and 10 foils

To enter to win this Chocopot Click visit Contest ends 1/3/2011.

If you have to have it now – then you can find it on Amazon here Chef Kids Chocopot Cooking Appliance

Customized Scented Cupcake Charms!

They look REAL don’t they?! These adorable cupcake charms look and smell just like real cupcakes! Every cupcake is handcrafted and the scent is matched to the icing – chocolate icing smells like chocolate, pink smells like what else? Strawberry!

Miss Kitty Creations lets you choose your own cupcake too! Choose your cake and icing and even toppings for a cupcake that is uniquely you!

With flavors and scents like Fruit Explosion, Red Velvet and Orange Dreamsicle there is bound to be something for every cupcake lover!

Each cupcake measures approximately .75″ tall and they can be scented or unscented. Scents can last for months!

You can order these adorable charms at Miss Kitty Creations or at her Etsy Store.

Coloring With Cupcakes!

I’m a kid – I like to color. Coloring is even more fun when you have fun crayons!

I love these Cupcake Shaped Crayons! They come 6 in a box and includes red, blue, yellow, green, orange and brown. You can also order custom colors too so they are great for parties and things.

Each crayon measures about 1.5″ x 1.5″ and come in a cute box to give to your friends. Visit GaddyNipperCrayons to see more really cool crayons they have!

Cupcake Shaped Crayons

A Cupcake With No Calories!

A green felt plush cupcake with a cherry on top – who would not love one of these, and the best part is it has no calories!

Felt Plush Cupcake

It’s a cupcake that is made from felt. It is made of 100% wool through a process called needle-felting and features a unique coloring that is created with an airbrush and acrylic paint. It is the size of a real cupcake and is made just for show of course!

The Etsy store called the FeltedChicken is the creative mind behind these adorable cakes! These would make an adorable pin cushion, centerpiece for a party or even a paperweight!

Felt Cupckaes